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24 January 2019
The Westin Dragonara Resort, Malta
Blue Invest in the Mediterranean 2019

The following 20 Pitchers will be on stage on the 24 January 2019

1st Pitching Session: Food from the Sea

Company: SafetyNet Technologies

Project: PISCES

By: Nadia Laabs

Country: United Kingdom

Nadia joined SafetyNet Technologies a few years ago as Business Strategist after its years of proving the science and its readiness to be taken to market. She works with mission driven organisations to prove their business models and help them achieve sustainable and socially impactful success. Her wish is to commercialise SNTech’s technology so it can have a much bigger impact. She previously worked in consumer research and product development at Procter & Gamble and has set up social businesses of her own. Her degrees are in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from INSEAD.

Company: Manatee Lab

Project: Telecapêche

By: Alexandre Chailleux, CEO

Country: France

Specialized in the creation of graphical user interfaces for professional software, Alexandre has been working for more than 25 years in the world of computer development. In the mid 90’s, after several years as project manager in the field of high-speed transmission of data on cable networks (in Paris for Lyonnaise des Eaux and then in Nice for Générale des Eaux), Alexandre decide to create his own development company, Qarbon, in San Jose CA. After 5 years, in the midst of the Internet bubble crash, Alexandre had to return to France to work as Chief Design Officer for Drivve, an American/German company specialized in task automation for large fleet of corporate scanners. In 2017, Alexandre decided to create a new software company, Manatee lab, with two other co-founders.
In parallel, Alexandre sat for 10 years on the supervisory board of Webdistrib, the web branch of the Boulanger electronic chain, before it was absorbed by the parent company.

Company: WSENSE Srl.

Project: IoUT Solutions to Digitalize Salmon Aquaculture

By: Chiara Petrioli

Country: Italy

Prof. Chiara Petrioli is founding partner and R&D Director of WSENSE, the Sapienza spinout company on innovative cable-less networked underwater solutions. At Sapienza she is full professor and has hold the position of Director in three labs. Prof. Petrioli has been among the pioneers of underwater networking and the Internet of Underwater Things, an area on which she holds publications and international patents. She has been PI of game changing EC projects such as FP7 SUNRISE and EASME ArcheoSub. Her research has received international awards and has been listed in the NT100 global social techs changing our life 2016. She is a Fulbright scholar, a TEDx speaker and one of the italian "Ispiring Fifty" top 50 women in technology.

Company: Sea Harmony Ltd.

Project: Ocean Reef Tower Oasis - ORTO

By: Atanas Dimitrov

Country: Bulgaria

Atanas Dimitrov was born 31.01.1989. in Sliven – Bulgaria. In 2013. He
graduated from the University of Economics - Varna, "Corporate Finance" -
Master’s degree with result: Excellent 5.66/6. Alongside education, between 2010
and 2013 he was 3 times champion of Bulgaria, Absolute Balkan and Absolute
European bodybuilding champion, awarded the highest sports degree "Master of
Sports". In 2013 "Allianz Bank Bulgaria" PLC - CORPORATE DEPARTMENT. In
2014 worked in farm for wild animals with valuable fur and in 2015 was Manager
of the farm, which was the most successful year of the company since its
establishment in volume and quality of production.
In the spring of 2015 he joined the team of "Sea Harmony" Finance Department
First prizes and awards: "Green Innovations for Sustainable Business", Norway
grants, Innovation Norway, CEED Bulgaria; "Forum Youth Entrepreneurship -
StartUp 2016 - Go To Market."; “The Venture” Winner for Bulgaria, Chivas Regal;
“Climate Launch Pad” Winner for Bulgaria, CleanTech Bulgaria; Theme award:
“Sustainable food production systems”, Climate KIC (105 International finalist out
of 964 projects); Prize: Green Booth Camp, Innovation Norway; United Nations,
special guest at the 9th Annual OSI; Innovation Norway Jury Award: “Best
Investment Project”

Company: L'Université Abdelhamid Ibn Badis Mostaganem

Project: Algo-Agar ( faire des algues une exploitation d'avenir)

By: Karima Bougueroua

Country: Algeria

Passionate about nutrition, I am a student in Master 2 in Food Sciences at Mostaganem university (Algeria) , young woman aged 24. I am very interested in the seaweeds. I am carrying a project in this area. It is about making from seaweeds a future exploitation.

AlgoAgar is an economic project that aims to exploit the marine resources of Algeria, not yet exploitable. An algal population of about 137 species exists in Algeria, 60% of which belongs to red seaweeds. The industry is based on technology that is the most modern language because it can improve the country's competitiveness through its triple efficiency: firstly, by developing the red algae processing sector (Agar-Agar extraction). Second, by valuing the waste for transforming as co-products. Third, by developing the field of seaweed farming by scientific and technical research.  Through AlgoAgar also, we plan to reach a compromise of the country's trade balance. The implementation of this project, which requires few resources, will allow the development of rational and sustainable exploitation of algal resources, promote socio-economic development and diversify the exploitation of high value-added products.

Company: Centre Nationale de Recherche et de Développement de la Pêche et de l'Aquaculture

Project: Ornalim

By: Yasmina Oumedjbeur

Country: Algeria

In 2018, graduated from a state engineer and a master's degree in aquaculture from the National School of Marine Sciences and Coastal Development with very honorable results with congratulations from the jury 18.5 / 20.

My Ornalim project was the subject of a final project entitled "Zootechnical monitoring of six foods formulated and manufactured locally on the growth and pigmentation of American Cichlids case of Pterophyllum scalare and Adinoacara rivulatus".

    This project aims to help the economy of countries and develop the aquarium industry in Algeria

I acquired a body of knowledge and know-how during a long cycle of higher education, with multidisciplinary academic courses and periods of training in the workplace, organized by our school.

My first step in the world of entrepreneurship started with Injaz al Jazair in 2015 where I was an accompanist of a project "aquarium museum" I was in charge of marketing, then I joined the scientific club of students in the same year where I learned to work in groups and have a collective spirit I then became the organizer of scientific events in 2016. And in 2018 the vice president.

During my experience at the level of this club I was able to develop my sense of relationship and my skills, my second experience in the entrepreneurial field was with ACSE where I was able to guide a project with social purpose named electro-flame in 2017 .

My academic background has made me an ambition as an engineer to carry out a project to manufacture ornamental fish feed and to create my own company.

Prize: the Ornalim project won 3rd place at the "Machrouii" challenge at CNRDPA, November 2018.

2nd Pitching Session: Green navigation

Company: FUELSAVE GmbH

Project: FS MARINE+ next generation efficiency enhancement for maritime vessels to reduce fuel consumption & cut emissions

By: Marc Sima

Country: Germany

Marc studied International Computer Science (DHBW in Heidenheim, Germany) and International Business & Economics (UvA in Amsterdam, Netherlands).

He co-founded in 2014 FUELSAVE GmbH to focus most of his time on cleantech and energy efficiency enhancement venture in a variety of sectors to contribute to a sustainable future and combat climate change / global warming and Air Pollution, leveraging the potential of the teams ideas and innovations.  

With FS MARINE+ FUELSAVE GmbH is introducing a unique field & laboratory proven disruptive retrofit solution for addressing current challenges in the maritime industry for decreasing significantly fuel consumption (10%-15% net) and cut emission, (30-80% NOX, 40% FSN, PM, BC etc) to reduce OPEX and increase the operational profitability, while reducing the impact on the environment for a unique win-win.

Company: Nido Robotics

Project: Sibiu HCEV

By: Roy Torgersen

Country: Spain

At Nido Robotics, we develop telerobotics solutions in one of this planet's most hostile
environments: the ocean. We work tirelessly to help our customers become more
efficient in data collection underwater while lowering risk to personnel, the environment
and their assets. We do this by offering underwater robots with the best price-toperformance ratio currently on the market, and through training and support.
A Master Mariner by trade, I have over a decade of experience in different positions on a
wide variety of vessels and operations pertaining mainly to the petro-maritime industry,
i.e. ROV, Construction & Dive vessels, but also core drilling (solid minerals) and Antartic

Company: Nauticspot

Project: Nauticspot : Real time berth supervision
By: Jeremy Ladoux
Country: France

Company: Nayam Wings Ltd.

Project: Maritime Wind Propulsion

By: Amnon Asscher

Country: Israel

Amnon, CEO and founder of Nayam Wings, is an experienced aeronautical engineer, mechanical engineering software expert and competent manager in high tech industry.

Amnon previously worked in the Israel Aircraft Industries, Israel Shipyards, and high-tech industry gaining over 20 years of experience.

He devoted 15 years to lecturing programing, robotics, astrophysics and technology of sailing.

He invented the patented technology of Nayam Wings unique wing sails and is dedicated to bringing this revolutionary technology to the commercial maritime world.

Nayam Wings was awarded with a grant from the Chief Scientist innovation office of the Israel Energy Department to develop his invention.

Amnon holds B.Sc in aeronautical and space engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (IIT) and furthered his studies in the field of software engineering.

Amnon is a seasoned sailor (sailed in the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean), loves outdoors, sports and art activities. He enjoys raising his 12 years old twin sons who's names compose the company's name: NAYAM. 

Company: searoutes.com

Project: searoutes.com

By: Pierre Garreau

Country: Germany

SeaRoutes.com is a professional cloud based tool for route and distance calculation of seagoing vessels including comprehensive weather and ocean information for optimizing voyage planning. The web portal is free of charge. Everything can be easily integrated into customized solution by standardized APIs.

I’m a passionate meteorologist, software developer and sailor since school time. I studied meteorology with oceanography as secondary subject. Afterwards I continued with computer science and electrical engineering. At the same time, I’ve joined the SeaRoutes team and started to integrate weather and ocean data into the products.

3rd Pitching Session: Blue energy & clean waters

Company: FLASC

Project: FLASC

By: Daniel Buhagiar

Country: Malta

Dr Daniel Buhagiar is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Malta. He obtained his PhD in 2017, during which he specialised in integrated energy storage applications for offshore wind turbine. Daniel has also worked as an R&D engineer developing products for the automotive battery industry, including customers such as Volkswagen and BMW.

He is a co-founder of FLASC, a startup proving energy storage solutions for offshore renewables. Daniel has received an Inventor Award by the World Intellectual Property Organisation and the start-up he co-founded was ranked 2nd most investible out of 150 energy start-ups across 26 EU countries.


Project: TRASH (Tactical River Accumulation System Hellas)

By: Tristan Owens

Country: Greece

Tristan Owens is the Marketing and Business Development Manager for New Naval Ltd., a Greek-based oil spill response service provider and equipment manufacturer. He is also the Training Director for the NGP Training Center, an organization that provides international oil spill response and emergency incident management training.

Mr. Owens has a BA degree in Communications from Santa Clara University, California, and, for the past 6 years, has worked as a specialist in oil spill response equipment and operations, communications, public relations, marketing and media production throughout Europe.

Company: ATW Worldwide Inspection SL

Project: Self-governing and in self-service Modular collection and pre-treatment system accessible by individual pin code

By: Stéphane De Groof

Country: Spain

We are ATW, specialists for 15 years of control and monitoring of industrial activities, we have conceived: Modular collection and pre-treatment system accessible by individual pin code. To respond to all current demands and in order to guarantee a permanent reliability, fault-free operation, traceability of all collected,
a technical support and the evolution of the facilities.
This system is managed by : - Individual PIN code accessible with ANDROID/APPLE APPS and manage by hardware and software (created by ATW) / Boat owners (captain) : - will be able to demonstrate to authorities their personal engagement regarding environmental regulation - will be able to use this pin code in any of our installation / Port installation managers: - will be easily able to demonstrate to European and local regulation that their system is used and by who - will save time and effort by drilling everything from there office.

Company: Seaplace

Project: Reduced Draft Spar (RDS)

By: Pedro López Vizcayno

Country: Spain

Pedro López is the Business development manager of Seaplace S.L.. He helds a Master degree in Naval Architect and Marine Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ETSIN), Spain.
Pedro started his career at Seaplace in 2006 working in the engineering design team of Shipbuilding projects moving forward to Oil and Gas Offshore development projects both in the technical side and the managing side. He has successfully managed several projects focused in alternative fuels for the marine transport (LNG) and renewable energies.
Three years ago, Pedro focused his career in commercial and business development units aiming to develop the company and himself through the present and future challenges of the engineering market

Company: Seaskin Morocco

Project: Seaskin Morocco

By: Nawal Allaoui

Country: Morocco

Nawal allaoui 26 ans PhD student in Sustainable industrial Management and industrial engeneer branch product manager from the high school of textile Esith , and social entrepreneur founder of seaskin morocco

4th Pitching Session: Green and Smart Coasts

Company: ECOncrete Tech Ltd

Project: ECOncrete - concrete ecological solutions

By: Shimrit Finkel

Country: Israel

Dr. Perkol-Finkel, co-founder and CEO of ECOncrete Tech Ltd, has nearly 20 years of
experience in the field of Marine Biology and Ecology in over 30 counties. Shimrit specializes
in sustainable management of urban marine habitats and is considered an expert in ecoengineering of coastal and marine infrastructure. Shimrit has vast technical experience in
design, development, evaluation, and monitoring of urban marine habitats, including
conservation and enhancement at both species and habitat levels.
Dr. Perkol-Finkel has led several large scale and long term projects like the EU funded
MarUrbe project in Italy, and a waterfront enhancement scheme in Brooklyn Bridge Park NY.
Shimrit serves as an ecological advisor for Israel’s marine spatial planning program, was one
of the advisors for NY Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance’s Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines
program and was involved in the ecological design of the federally funded “Living
Breakwaters” SCAPE Team Project.
Shimrit was recently selected as a We Empower awardee for her achievements in advancing
UN Sustainable Development Goals, representing UN region Western Europe and Other
including North America.
Shimrit holds a B.Sc. in Life Sciences, M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Zoology, all from Tel-Aviv University,
and has conducted a post-doc in the University of Bologna, Italy (EU Marie Curie Fellow).

Company: Elements Works

Project: netH2O personal smart buoy

By: Michele Grassi

Country: Italy

Born in 1970. Founder, CEO and CTO of Elements Works.
He obtained a degree in pure mathematics from Scuola Normale Superiore and the PhD in mathematics from
the University of California, Los Angeles. After the doctorate he obtained a full position as Researcher in pure
mathematics at the Department of Mathematics in Pisa University. During 2008 he founded 40South Energy
Limited in London, to develop and commercialize an innovative wave energy converter (Enel Green Power
and Invitalia Ventures invested more than 2M of in the 40South Energy initiative). He authored four patent
families related to marine energy and mechanical transmission, all of which have generated international
During 2014 he founded Elements Works SRL in Pisa, Italy, initially to have a company specifically dedicated
to the very specialized marine and underwater operations related to marine energy projects. Later, he filed two
patent applications for Elements Works related to underwater cultivation and underwater barriers, and is
currently working with his partner in Elements Works, Eng. Alessandra Licciardello, to develop advanced
autonomous surface and underwater buoys and vehicles. He is a certified European Scientific Diver, member
of the AIOSS (Associazione Italiana Operatori Scientifici Subacquei).

Company: Costa Nostrum

Project: “Certification Protocol for the Sustainable Development of the Mediterranean Beaches – Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beaches”

By: Vassilis Zissimopoulos

Country: Greece

Vasileios Zisimopoulos was born in Heraklion of Crete in 1976, where he is leaving and working as Mechanical Engineering, owner of the Technical Office “AELIA Sustainable Engineering” and CEO – Founder of the startup company Costa Nostrum Ltd. In 2000 he graduated from Coventry University with the title of BEng Mechanical Engineering, and next summer is finishing his third MSc.

In June 2015 he was awarded one of the 26 final winners (2100 participants) at the Young Innovative Competition - EGG, organized by EUROBANK in collaboration with Corallia, with the innovative private certification standard “Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beaches - Certification Standard for Sustainable Management & Development of the Mediterranean beaches”. In November 2017 Costa Nostrum Ltd was selected, after a national evaluation process, to participate in the acceleration program of the Technical Chamber of Greece "Prototype by TEE" for innovative companies. While in December of the same year, Costa Nostrum Ltd was awarded at the Event of Excellence for Greek Tourist Enterprises "Treasures of Greek Tourism 2017", as one of the Best Performing Companies in Greek Tourism Sector.

Company: Oisann Engineering AS - Norway / Oisann Engineering BV - Netherlands

Project: Waterfountain desalination system for Malta
By: Tor Stolpestad
Country: Norway

Tor’s engineering career focused on ensuring contracted offshore-rigs in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa exceeded customers expectations. He was responsible for service contracts, addressing all warranty claims, operating contracts and sales of offshore drilling rig equipment and services. Most recently, he was responsible for all aspects of developing the design and functionality of rig systems. In his younger days he worked hands-on for over a decade in offshore operations in the extreme conditions of the north sea. He served his duty in the Royal Norwegian Navy as a diver and officer. He later earned his engineering degree focused on marine engineering at Vestfold University College. Growing up on a farm in the Sami region of Northern Norway gave him the backbone of values he believes firmly in. His slogan is, “Nothing is impossible, the impossible just takes a little more time and requires more people to work together as one”. Tor is always thinking of ways to improve the Waterfountain; even while working on one of his project cars; or so he says. Tor lives in Søgne, a small seaside village in Southern Norway with his partner and six year old son.

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